One Small Change

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It’s the New Year, time for resolutions and renewed efforts after the festive break! As well as getting back into healthy eating and exercise (a top priority this year for me after having a baby), it’s a great time to reflect on what we can do to make the planet healthier too. I’ve kicked off my resolution to do just a little bit more, by signing a petition to stop supermarkets wrapping fresh fruit and vegetables in mountains of horrible plastic (toxic to our bodies and the environment) Find it here if you want to sign it too.

In the spirit of doing lots of small things that all add up to make a big difference, Abel & Cole, the fabulous guys who deliver organic food to your door (without lots of plastic wrapping!) have come up with the One Small Change Challenge. Their project aims to encourage everyone to do their bit. Instead of trying to do a lot some of the time, One Small Change encourages you to do one thing all of the time. What a great idea!  You can read more here

Abel & Cole’s top ideas for Small Change pledges are:

  • Always carry a bag and not use plastic ones when shopping
  • Start a healthy compost heap
  • Always boil the amount of water I need
  • Always switch my monitor off if I’m away from my desk, even if only for a minute
  • Always switch room lights off
  • Always use rechargeable instead of disposable batteries
  • Always use a lid on pots and pans
  • Always unplug my phone charger when not in use

All absolutely brilliant ideas, and I thought I’d add a few of my own to the list. Can you think of more?! Please do comment below – let’s get a huge list of wonderful ideas together 🙂

  • Don’t waste food (read more at my previous blog post here);
    • Plan
    • Compost
    • Make stock
    • Buy and make only what you will eat (or enjoy the leftovers the next day!)
  • Eat local (seasonal), and if possible, organic produce; fewer air miles, sustainable farming techniques, fewer chemicals… so many benefits! Read more about the benefits of eating seasonally at my blog post here
  • Choose food in minimal packaging (loose fruit and veg for example) – try your local farmers’ market instead of the supermarket
  • Keep a reusable cup to use instead of takeaway ones (which, despite looking like paper, are rarely recyclable), and use a reusable water bottle. I love my black+ blum one with charcoal filter
  • Buy refills instead of new bottles of toiletries etc (this often works out cheaper too!)
  • By eco-friendly household products and toiletries. I’ve just started using an ecoegg for my washing- no more chemicals and no more big plastic detergent bottles!
  • Repair, reuse, recycle and buy second hand – it’s too easy to throw things away and buy new, but before you do, consider whether things could have a second life!
  • And finally… a personal one that I really will make more of an effort with this year… use more reusable nappies 😆



  1. Such a wonderful initiative and so many wonderful ideas. We already practice many of them but are guilty in a few areas as well.

    • Thanks Annika! Well we can’t be perfect, but if we all do a little bit, it helps!

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