My Garden

My garden in December

The frost glistens on the grass reminding that winter is truly here. Birds flock around the feeder hanging on the tree, my usual friendly robin as chirpy as ever! I enjoy watching them from the window, but don’t spend too much time in the garden […]

My garden in November

November is an endless competition between me and leaves! The two sycamores in my garden and the beautiful tulip tree next door rain down an endless golden brown confetti throughout the month. Growing up in the countryside, we’d make huge bonfires of dry leaves; the […]

My garden in October

One of my favourite months for being outside, October is that beautiful crossover month where the leaves are turning golden and you can snuggle into your favourite coat, but a little warmth still lingers in the air during the day and the sun shines with […]

My garden in September

Autumn is starting to appear; her misty fingers pushing aside the hot haze of summer with cooler breezes and golden leaves. The garden has that slightly faded look after the dry end to the summer, but bright orange and red berries from the rowan tree […]

My garden in August

In August the garden is surrounded by the sounds of children playing in neighbours’ gardens. I hear the rhythmic squeak of a trampoline, the ping back and forth of badminton rackets and the playful fighting of two young siblings. The oddity of a central London […]

My garden in July

The long warm days of July are a joy, bringing with them a slow laziness. Even the bees seem to buzz more slowly, drunk on the heady nectar of the honeysuckle which completely covers the trunks of the sycamore trees at this time of year. […]

My garden in June

Peonies and roses fill the garden with gorgeous scent and pretty petals! My rose arch strains under the abundance of bright pink flowers and the paler peonies bloom out of their rich green leaves in the flower bed. Alliums and irises stand tall around the […]

My garden in May

The sunshine has finally arrived after an unseasonably chilly April, and with it summer begins to bloom. Whilst I love all the spring flowers and signs of new life March and April bring, my garden really comes into itself in May, filling with a multitude […]

My garden in April

“April brings the primrose sweet, Scatters daisies at our feet.” The garden is as alive as the old nursery rhyme promises, with delicate spring flowers of all colours filling the beds. Tiny purple violets peak out from dark green leaves under the trees, bold and […]

My Garden in March

Spring is here, bringing new life and promises of summer. New shoots peak through the soil all around the garden and the trees are covered in luminous green buds. The cheery faces of the daffodils smile along the roadside as I navigate the urban jungle […]

My garden in February

As the frosts lessen and the ground thaws, I prepare my garden for the arrival of spring. Irises and crocuses are in full bloom already this year and the garden is filling with colour. In London we are protected from the coldest weather, so I’m lucky […]

My garden in January

January is the month of new beginnings and anticipation; the promise of things to come through the year. The first bulbs peeping through the cold ground, maybe even buds appearing. But in the kitchen garden the month is quiet. I use early January to plan […]