Blackberry breakfast oats

Overnight oats make a brilliant breakfast, with the bonus that they are ready to grab and go with no morning preparation required. I like to keep extra pots of these in the fridge for healthy day time snacks too! Of course, you don’t need to […]

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Cherry vegan cheesecake

I am constantly inspired on social media and by fellow food bloggers by the incredible diversity of plant based food. Although I am not vegan, I am a strong advocate of a heavily plant based diet and at times avoid dairy for health reasons. Cashew […]

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Black bean and beetroot salad

This super simple, plant based salad is delicious standalone or as a side dish. Black beans are a great source of protein and full of fibre which makes them very filling. Using cooked beans and raw beetroot makes this an extremely quick salad to put […]

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Three grain egg and minted pea risotto

This vegetarian dish is a great, healthy alternative to traditional risotto. Buckwheat is actually a seed not a grain, although it is generally treated like the latter. One of the benefits is that it is gluten free as well as being high in nutrients and […]

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Summer vegetable wholegrain salad

This salad is full of summer produce and filling enough for a main meal, although also makes a perfect accompaniment for a BBQ or summer picnic! It is completely plant based and gluten free. You can mix up the vegetables if you don’t have everything […]

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Berry blast chia pudding

This makes an excellent breakfast, snack or dessert! I like to make a few at a time as they will last in the fridge for a few days, then I have them ready for breakfast or can grab one whenever I feel like a healthy, […]

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Smoked mackerel salad with rye crumb

This is a simple salad that works well with strong spring leaves like spinach and watercress, as well as herby salads. I particularly like to add chives. Mackerel is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and, like all oily fish, are said to help […]

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Tomato gnocchi with watercress pesto

Gnocchi is deceptively simple to make and doesn’t need any special equipment. Some people use eggs to bind their gnocchi together but you can make it without, as in this recipe, making the dish plant based. It’s a great base for pesto, creamy or tomato […]

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Spring Green Smoothie

Smoothies and juices are such a great way to start the day and get an extra boost of fresh vegetables into your diet! This healthy spring smoothie has vitamin rich spinach, cleansing and detoxificating ginger, flaxseed to aid digestion and for a boost of omega-3 […]

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Rhubarb fool

There are few British fruits available in spring, but quality makes up for quantity in the form of delicious rhubarb. The tart pink fleshy stems are wonderful with sweet or savoury dishes, but one favourite of mine is whipping it into a simple fool. Soft […]

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Citrus and marjoram drizzle cake

A perfect alternative to chocolate, this cake makes a wonderful treat for Easter with its lovely spring like citrus zing. Marjoram is not a common herb to use in sweet dishes, but it adds a delicious and unusual twist to the flavour. I’ve made it […]

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Homemade pesto

Do you always buy pesto ready-made? Well, now’s the time to try making your own! This simple little sauce can transform so many dishes and it is the easiest, quickest thing to make. It is also far cheaper to make your own then buy it […]

Fish and spinach pie

Fish pie is one of my favourite go to dishes for a filling, tasty, easy dinner. I always add a thick layer of greens to the base, spinach, kale and cavolo nero are all great options. To keep it healthy, I don’t overload with sauce. […]

Sorrel and buckwheat soup

Sorrel is a hardy herb that is easy to grow although it isn’t so commonly found in the shops. It has a strong flavour so is perfect for soups and sauces. The early leaves can be added to salads, but the more mature leaves are […]

Aubergine and ginger curry

This is a perfect warming curry as the days start to turn cooler. It is very easy to make and doesn’t require an endless list of spices. Aubergines make a great base for curries as they soak up loads of flavour. The ginger adds a […]

Figs and blue cheese salad

Figs are one of those fruits that work equally well with sweet or savoury dishes. Perfectly juicy and sweet in late summer/ early autumn, this super simple salad makes the most of their delicious flavour. Blue cheese is a classic pairing and the saltiness of […]

Grilled peach and tomato salad

Summer shouts out salads! Sweet juicy peaches work in perfect balance with crisp green leaves, tomatoes and syrupy balsamic to create this delicious salad that takes only a short time to put together but is bound to delight. Try making some focaccia or flat bread […]

Crab cakes with samphire and lemon dressing

These crab cakes are easy to make and are a delicious summery meal. I have served with samphire, a wonderful summer sea vegetable, but they go equally as well with salad or any summery greens. White crab meat works best here as the brown meat […]

Chai tea and plum cake

Whilst not as sweet as their juicy peach and nectarine cousins, plums are perfect in this wonderfully moist, fruity loaf cake! It has a lovely spiced flavour and is delicious with a good cup of tea (or iced tea when it is warm!) It is […]

Sweet chilli salmon with courgetti and roasted fennel

Once you’ve made this sweet chilli sauce, you will never go back to the artificially sugary bottled stuff! It makes a great dipping sauce, or marinade as it is used in this recipe. It goes perfectly with oily salmon, and the simple, healthy accompaniments of […]