My garden in June

Inspiration, My Garden

Peonies and roses fill the garden with gorgeous scent and pretty petals! My rose arch strains under the abundance of bright pink flowers and the paler peonies bloom out of their rich green leaves in the flower bed. Alliums and irises stand tall around the garden, while pansies, lavender and a stunning hydrangea all add further shades of purple.

The garden buzzes with the sound of bumble bees, in their element among the sweet summer blooms. A friendly blackbird watches me from the fence, usually with a fat worm in his mouth, his loud and cheeky chirping driving the local cats insane! The woodpecker knock knock knocks on the sycamore that towers over the garden. I was amazed when I first spotted him, never expecting to see such a beautiful bird in central London, but we have a pair who are regular visitors these days.

My vegetable bed is full to bursting. A multitude of salad leaves and spinach, which we struggle to eat quickly enough before they bolt, sit alongside broad beans, a courgette, carrots and parsnips and Brussel sprouts for later in the year. My tomato and pepper plants are starting to flower and an aubergine I bought already in flower from Columbia Road market is starting to bear beautiful purple fruit! Everything is rather late this year and the strawberry and raspberry plants are still covered in small green fruit. I love watching the first blushes of pink appear as the sun warms and ripens them.

I keep earthing up my potatoes; I’m always tempted to dig in and pull the first tiny ones out early, but I resist the temptation as have main crops growing this year so will let them grow for a while longer yet. Luckily the copper tape round the potato bags seems to be working so far and the slugs and snails have stayed away. Fingers crossed it keeps them out!

We sit in our deck chairs, relishing the sun on our faces, and enjoy BBQs on warmer evenings. The scent of Jasmine gives the garden an almost tropical feel and lasts well after the sun has gone down and the birds have ceased their singing.