My garden in December

My Garden

The frost glistens on the grass reminding that winter is truly here. Birds flock around the feeder hanging on the tree, my usual friendly robin as chirpy as ever! I enjoy watching them from the window, but don’t spend too much time in the garden in December. Old, dead matter is cut back and the pots and tubs are cleared or already filled with spring bulbs so there is little to do this month.

The garden looks sleepy and dormant in December, although if you look carefully, the odd sign of new life is already showing. The garlic bulbs have already started to peak shoots about the soil and the leeks, Brussel Sprouts and swedes are still growing. I dig up the parsnips early in the month and enjoy them roasted with herbs and a little drizzle of honey.

There are buds appearing here and there too, I hope they survive the rest of the winter! We are generally very sheltered here, but a hard cold snap can spell disaster for the more delicate plants which I wrap in fleece for protection.

Now as the year draws to a close I start planning for the New Year, ordering seeds and a new propagator. I’m going to grow more edible flowers next year – I love to pretty up my plates and there are so many easy growing varieties about which also add colour and interest to the garden! We have a new bench for the garden and are planning some extra decking in the spring. Even in a small garden, I like to change things round a little occasionally to keep it interesting and exciting!