Recipe Index


Vegetarian and Vegan
Asparagus frittata
Asparagus and radish salad (vegan)
Aubergine and ginger curry (vegan)
Aubergine with sweet miso glaze and tahini sauce (vegan)
Beetroot, celeriac and carrot slaw
Beetroot, walnut and bluecheese salad
Blackbean and mushroom pie
Blackbean and beetroot salad (vegan)
Blackbean “Bolognese” (vegan)
Carrot and ginger soup with caraway crackers (vegan)
Creamy cauliflower curry
Cauliflower cheese with mustard and almonds
Cheesy polenta with egg and veg
Egg and minted pea 3 grain “risotto”
Leek and celeriac soup (vegan)
Marrow stuffed with quinoa and olives (vegan)
Peach and tomato salad (vegan)
Peppers with giant cous cous and baked eggs
Pesto: generic recipe (vegan option)
Pumpkin and sage ravioli 
Filo tartlets with roasted radish and tomato, walnut pesto (vegan)
Satay tofu with sweet and sour salad (vegan)
Sorrel and buckwheat soup (vegan)
Spinach and nutmeg quiche
Squash and hazelnut gratin
Sweet potato and chickpea tagine with giant cous cous (vegan)
Sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and blue cheese sauce
Tomato gnocchi with watercress pesto (vegan)
Quinoa, chickpea and watercress salad (vegan)
Quinoa burgers with apple braised red cabbage (vegan)
Summer vegetable wholegrain salad (vegan)
Watercress soup

Fish and chicken
Coconut fish tacos with summer slaw and salsa
Crab cakes with samphire and lemon dressing
Fish and spinach pie
Leek and hake bake
Mackerel Pate with pickled cucumber
Mackerel salad with rye crumb
Prawn and vegetable coconut noodle bowl
Salmon and rhubarb salad
Salmon with sweet chilli sauce, roasted fennel and courgetti
Salmon Wellington with celeriac mash
Tuna steak with almond and carrot top crust, and swede wedges
Chicken and chicory pie with creamy sage sauce
Chicken and celeriac curried coconut soup

Sweets, drinks and baking
Apple and bran muffins (dairy free)
Apple and elderflower crumble
Apple & gingerbread mini baked donuts
Baked apples (vegan/ dairy free)
Banana bread with cranberries and spices (vegan)
Beetroot and pumpkin seed muffins (dairy free)
Berry blast chia pudding (vegan)
Blackberry breakfast oats (vegan)
Chilli chocolate courgette cake (dairy free)
Cherry “cheesecake” (vegan)
Citrus and herb cake
Pear and ginger loaf cake
Pears poached in ginger syrup
Plum and chai tea cake 
Raspberry and chocolate seed bars (vegan)
Rhubarb fool
Strawberries dipped in coconut chocolate (vegan)
Spring green smoothie