Grilled asparagus with duck egg and herb butter

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A very quick an easy dinner to enjoy British asparagus at its best! Of course, this is just as nice with hens’ eggs too.

Per person:IMG_5266
A handful of asparagus
1 duck egg
Small knob of butter
Small handful of mixed herbs (I like sorrel and oregano as a fairly strong, savoury mix, but you can really use whatever you like/ have to hand)
Pinch of sea salt

To make the herb butter, finely chop your chosen herbs. Using a fork, mix the herbs and a generous pinch of sea salt into the butter. The butter will need to be fairly soft but not melted. If it is too hard, this quick tip will soften it up: fill a cup with hot water and leave for a couple of minutes to warm the cup. Pour out the water and place the cup upside down over the butter. The warmth will soften the butter without melting it!

Chop any tough ends off the asparagus then steam for just a couple of minutes to soften slightly. Heat a grill pan with a little oil and add the asparagus.

Whilst the asparagus is grilling (remember to turn it over after a few minutes), put the duck eggs in a small saucepan, cover with cool water and bring to the boil. Boil for about 7 minutes for a soft egg.

Run the eggs under cold water and carefully remove the shells. Serve with the grilled asparagus and a generous amount of the herb butter melted over the top and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.

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