Recipes for Spring

Recipes, Spring

SPRING is here! It’s official; the clocks have changed, the sun is flooding in through the window and my garden is full of brightly coloured spring flowers and pretty blossom. So I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my favourite spring recipes. Think soups, salads and light dishes, using asparagus, new spring greens and beautiful pink rhubarb… yum!

Firstly for a recap of what is in season, check out my post In Season in the Spring. This time of year is all about new leaves (watercress, spinach, herbs), as well as a British favourite, asparagus. Officially the season starts on St George’s day (23rd April), but early asparagus is starting to appear in the shops around now. Fruit is limited, but quality makes up for quantity in the form of wonderful rhubarb. Tart, tangy and the most beautiful colour, rhubarb is amazing in sweet and savoury dishes alike. Poach and make into fools and pies (see recipe links below), or try it with oily fish (mackerel or salmon for example), in hot or cold salads.

Salads, Soups and Light Dishes:
Sorrel and buckwheat soup: nutritious and filling. Plant based and gluten free
Asparagus and duck eggs: super simple quick meal making the most of this delicious vegetable
Quinoa, chickpea and watercress salad: a crunchy, wholesome plant based salad
Vegetable sushi (as per the cover photo): fill brown rice sushi rolls (with or without fish or slices of tofu) with any finely sliced vegetables you fancy. Carrots, asparagus, chives and a few shredded greens make great fillings.

Fish and spinach pie: a classic with a healthy focus
Asparagus tortilla: perfect for a quick dinner
Spinach and nutmeg quiche: delicious warm or cold with lots of crunchy salad

Sweet dishes:
Rhubarb fool: a foolproof dessert (pardon the pun…)
Rhubarb and star anise handpies: simple and fun to make!