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Smoked mackerel salad with rye crumb

This is a simple salad that works well with strong spring leaves like spinach and watercress, as well as herby salads. I particularly like to add chives. Mackerel is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and, like all oily fish, are said to help […]

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Fish and spinach pie

Fish pie is one of my favourite go to dishes for a filling, tasty, easy dinner. I always add a thick layer of greens to the base, spinach, kale and cavolo nero are all great options. To keep it healthy, I don’t overload with sauce. […]

Salmon Wellington with celeriac mash

Perfect for Sunday lunch or a dinner party, this salmon and spinach version of the beef classic is an absolutely winner and far simpler to make than you may think! lLeafy green winter vegetables make a perfect accompaniment along with this celeriac mash, which is a […]

Crab cakes with samphire and lemon dressing

These crab cakes are easy to make and are a delicious summery meal. I have served with samphire, a wonderful summer sea vegetable, but they go equally as well with salad or any summery greens. White crab meat works best here as the brown meat […]

Coconut fish tacos with summer slaw and salsa

Tacos make such a great midweek family meal! Fun, versatile and easy, the flour tortillas take no time at all once you have the hang of them, and you can fill them with whatever you have in the fridge. These lightly spiced coconut fish tacos […]

Smoked mackerel pate with pickled cucumber

This pâté is a recipe my mum used to make quite often. I’ve actually got no idea what she put in it (I really should ask!), but I tried a few different dairy options and like this one the best! It takes no time at all and is […]