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Vegetarian Christmas food ideas

When I stopped eating meat, Christmas seemed like the biggest challenge! I had always enjoyed traditional Christmas turkey and all the trimmings, how was I going to match up to that with a vegetarian meal?! Luckily there are so many fantastic vegetarian options out there […]

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My garden in December

The frost glistens on the grass reminding that winter is truly here. Birds flock around the feeder hanging on the tree, my usual friendly robin as chirpy as ever! I enjoy watching them from the window, but don’t spend too much time in the garden […]

My garden in August

In August the garden is surrounded by the sounds of children playing in neighbours’ gardens. I hear the rhythmic squeak of a trampoline, the ping back and forth of badminton rackets and the playful fighting of two young siblings. The oddity of a central London […]

My garden in June

Peonies and roses fill the garden with gorgeous scent and pretty petals! My rose arch strains under the abundance of bright pink flowers and the paler peonies bloom out of their rich green leaves in the flower bed. Alliums and irises stand tall around the […]