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Pears poached in spiced ginger syrup

Pears are a delicious and widely available British winter fruit and they make the perfect base for this simple tasty dessert. With only four ingredients, and taking just a few minutes to prepare, poached pears couldn’t be easier to make! The ginger and cinnamon give […]

Chai tea and plum cake

Whilst not as sweet as their juicy peach and nectarine cousins, plums are perfect in this wonderfully moist, fruity loaf cake! It has a lovely spiced flavour and is delicious with a good cup of tea (or iced tea when it is warm!) It is […]

Chilli chocolate courgette cake

This cake is deliciously moist, not too sweet and really quite healthy as cakes go, with no dairy or refined sugar! It’s also very easy to make. Don’t be put off by the courgettes, you can’t taste them. In fact, this is a great way […]

Apple and bran muffins

Usually I’m very healthy at breakfast, it feels important to start the day well! But sometimes at the weekend I like a treat and these muffins are a perfect solution. As the sweetness comes from the apple and maple syrup, and they have no refined […]