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My garden in August

In August the garden is surrounded by the sounds of children playing in neighbours’ gardens. I hear the rhythmic squeak of a trampoline, the ping back and forth of badminton rackets and the playful fighting of two young siblings. The oddity of a central London […]

Late summer delights: In season in July and August

Summer bounty in Britain is endless and varied. If you have your own garden or allotment, you are probably enjoying your hard work the most right now, and if you visit any farmers markets, you’ll find them overflowing with wonderful, colourful produce! Summer root vegetables […]

My garden in June

Peonies and roses fill the garden with gorgeous scent and pretty petals! My rose arch strains under the abundance of bright pink flowers and the paler peonies bloom out of their rich green leaves in the flower bed. Alliums and irises stand tall around the […]

Asparagus frittata

Frittata, also known as Spanish omelette, is a very quick and easy meal and you can customise as much as you like! This is a lovely spring dish with asparagus taking centre stage. It is delicious served with crispy green salad on the side. Serves 2-3 4 […]

Smoked mackerel pate with pickled cucumber

This pâté is a recipe my mum used to make quite often. I’ve actually got no idea what she put in it (I really should ask!), but I tried a few different dairy options and like this one the best! It takes no time at all and is […]

My garden in May

The sunshine has finally arrived after an unseasonably chilly April, and with it summer begins to bloom. Whilst I love all the spring flowers and signs of new life March and April bring, my garden really comes into itself in May, filling with a multitude […]

Spinach and nutmeg quiche

Quiche is such a great summer meal. Delicious warm straight from the oven, or perfect for making in advance and eating cold with salad. My quiches tend to be different every time I make them as I just use up whatever veg and dairy is […]